Auto Dealers can now sell more OE parts if they have enough data collected

Oct - 21

Auto Dealers can now sell more OE parts if they have enough data collected

The sale of cars and trucks is great even through the 2009 recession period. As the new car is driven off for a period, it is a used vehicle and there are several used vehicles which are available today. Americans have known to have a record place in buying the new as well as used cars. With advancements and developments in production quality, vehicles are actually lasting for a longer period. 

According to the HIS report there are more than 14 million vehicles which are 25 years old running over the road. As the sticker prices over the new vehicles keep raising the demand for the used and old vehicles is growing popular and might reach high in coming years. The car services have also expanded as there are a greater number of vehicles that have been used from longer period of time.

Customers are now aware and are keen in reducing the maintenance and repair costs and looking forward to schedule services so that they can extend the overall value of their vehicle. This is the reason due to which it has been creating a rise in demand for various parts and services thus resulting in the overall growth and revenues for the dealers. There are several independent shops that sell more than 70% of post warranty services. As they aren’t branded ones they might not last longer and in turn it may also create some kind of issues with the vehicle as well. 

Selling the OE branded parts from various manufacturers can definitely create great revenue opportunities for dealers and other partners but to make it capitalize they need to see to it that they are coded in the right way and are available in various repair and collision shops. Usually the independent shops which provide repair and post warranty services have the non-OE sources and are not branded parts. Auto makers thought that making their parts information available might be beneficial only for their competitors. With the latest changes and developments in technology it’s now counterproductive by influencing data usage and deliver while limiting access to information on parts. With the use of ecommerce, customers can now shop around various products from where ever they are. Without making data available for the customers over the ecommerce platform customers don’t consider to buy the owners products. The company data providers need to be responsible and inspiring while being confident.

Transparency is very important in order to get the demand and increase the sales of various car parts. This provides a win-win-win scenario to all. The dealers will definitely get benefited with the rise in demand for the OE parts by selling them to various repair shops. In turn these parts will be used by the end customer for his or her vehicle repairs. So by making the public know more details about the OE parts it can now be easy for you to increase the revenue. 

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