How can the intelligent cars make driving greener and easier?

Oct - 21

How can the intelligent cars make driving greener and easier?

With the help of new generation and smarter technology cars it can now be possible for the drivers and cars to manage their trips in much efficient way. It also helps in preventing wrecks and gridlock. In Europe and the US most of the automakers are now using a simple software while adjusting the existing hardware so that the cars can work greener and smarter than before. The cars can manage to make their own decisions when connected through clouds to each other. Future driving of cars can be expected to be out of human hands. 

With the right analytics and algorithms, the car will be able to predict the behavior of the driver and can forecast future commutes. These cars can also manage to sense their surroundings, road trains and car to car networks which can reduce the daily congestion while improving the fuel economy. Ryan McGee, who is an engineer at Ford research and Innovation in Dearborn said that they are trying to make the cars much smarter. There are several possibilities when you are able to connect your car with the cloud. 

The cars can now predict where you will be driving down to. When you don’t use the mass transit, the drives that are to and from work will be following a routine. Researchers are working more on feeding the driving history to the Google software service which is known as the Prediction API that uses machine learning algorithm in order to generate model predicted behavior which is particularly based on the driver’s habits. With the current system they can connect to the internet and can record where the car is actually going during the day and at what time. 

According to the possibilities of the trip, the car can shift the power consumption in order to run over the battery rather than gasoline.  May be in future government may enforce law stating that public has to follow the low emission zones near the schools, parks or may build battery. This is possible with the cars which can recognize the low emission zone in a particular area and can save battery. So, based on the usage of the car, it could be possible to optimize the performance. The app can use GPS from the mobile device in order to track the movements of the driver throughout the day. Cars can also predict the pedestrians who are crossing the road along with cars that are moving next to it.

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