Why is car weight important than the horsepower?

Oct - 21

Why is car weight important than the horsepower?

Whenever a person is planning to buy a car the first thing he looks for is the horsepower. Though horsepower is considered to be important for certain things, it’s actually weight and the torque delivery which one should look for. The higher the power of your car, the heavier it will be. In order to get more power for your car, it’s necessary to have a bigger engine, drive shafts, beefier axles, strong transmissions and bigger brakes to manage extra shove. All these together add up to the heavy weight of the car. When you consider a car, which is 4000 pounds it can give 2000 pounds of down force. So, it can be able to generate 1.5 gs of lateral acceleration. 

When the same car is 2000 pounds and also can generate the same 2000pounds of down force which 2.0 gs lateral acceleration then it means that this car can go at a much faster rate while keeping the power constant. Horse power is always important for those who want to choose cars which can provide them with top speed. Along with it one should also consider the instant power and torque curve to get the kind of speed that you are looking out for while driving your car.

It is also essential to have a track on how often one accelerates to 60 mph vs to go on to top speed run. Some may feel that it is the low-end stuff that isn’t important to be considered. The weight and power delivery are both interlinked to each other. So always choose the ones that give you more power while it’s not that heavy as well. Whenever you are looking at the stat sheet also checkout the curb weight numbers so that you can find the car that you need. 

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